Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Public Announcement of the "Oyata Te" System

  Taika Seiyu Oyata was considered to be the Premier Personal Defensive Arts Technician. His methodology is like-wise considered to be the most practical, and complete defensive art available for students of life-protection. This page will introduce and discuss the basics of what are required to be learned by the beginning student of Oyata's Life Protection Art.
 The teachings of Taika Seiyu Oyata have been received here in the United States over the previous 40 years (since 1970). That methodology has been in a steady evolution since it's arrival.

 Our only intent is to teach Oyata's Life Protection Method to the best of our understanding. What is often being taught/demonstrated by numerous instructors of Oyata's methodology (both past and present), varies in their interpretations. We are only aware of what we were shown by Oyata himself, those other interpretations may hold varying levels of validity, but until they are presented to us for consideration, they must be considered as being only "personal" opinions. 
 We've chosen to use the name "Oyata Te" ("Hand of Oyata") for describing what we were taught by him (Oyata). We make no claims to be teaching exactly what anyone else is teaching or how those ideas are being conveyed to their students. We no longer have any direct affiliation with any of those groups claiming to of studied from Oyata in the past.
  It is our goal to continue with Oyata's ideal of consistent improvement, innovation and research in the instruction of his methodology.
 We have been providing seminars (by request) in regards to the various subjects included in that study to anyone requesting it. Those subjects have included an introduction to Oyata Te, Tuite courses, classes on Oyata's method of performing (open-hand) kata as well as weapon kata.
 We additionally offer various Law Enforcement courses and classes on Shodo (Oriental Brush Calligraphy). Books on these (and other subjects are also available) 
 We can provide classes on Oyata's Life-Protection methodology as well. For information on these and other offered seminars contact the administrator of this blog.
The Oyata Te Motto
Jiko to ta no Boei”
(The Defense of Self, and Others)